Become A Partner

Our work at Shasha is made possible by partners who share our passion and vision for creating equal opportunities and leveling the playing field. Partnerships vary from volunteering, sponsorship, and training. Our scholars’ experiences are enriched by these diverse collaborations and partnerships.

Shasha Network supports corporates, foundations, and non-for-profits to identify and support talented young people from low aspirational backgrounds to gain access to career development training, internships, and professional networking opportunities.

Mentor and Volunteer

Sometimes it is difficult for young people to know what career path they want to pursue or where to go. We believe that mentorship plays a crucial role in discovering new possibilities and horizons. Shasha’s mentoring program is built on the philosophy that mentorship relationships are symbiotic and are a two-way street. We encourage mentors and mentees to all take the mentorship engagement as an opportunity to learn, cross-pollinate ideas and achieve shared goals.

Rewards of being a Mentor

Former president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere’s, “Allegory of the Hill” explains how we as individuals are all on a mission to climb a hill. He goes further to explain how we are all on different stages of this journey, with some having reached the summit, while others are still in the valley. Our approach to mentorship is simple, we believe that those that have gained education, experience, and exposure are capable of reinvesting stories of their climb to the summit, to those on their way up. Shasha scholars are still on their way to the summit and require the insights and wisdom of those that have walked the journey and we believe that a community of mentors can act as a catalyst to creating a brighter future. For mentors, this is an opportunity to:

Give back, reinvest your ideas and knowledge
Self introspect on your own career journey
Harness coaching skills and further develop as a catalyst and enabler
Build a community of other mentors who can potentially mentor you
Experience the joy of watching someone with whom you’ve invested time and advice in advance and achieve their goals

Our partners and supporters